Herefordshire Food Charter. Healthy food for people, place and planet

Landworkers Alliancehttps images 515200609 664647792193 1 original Midlands are hosting an event (with Lou Aphramor of Agroecology Dept,  Coventry University)looking at food choices, balancing the decisions we make around what we want, what we should eat -  and what's good for the planet and other people.

Monday 26th June 6pm online

"How do we make sense of food values when public health message emphasise nutrients? Are you sometimes uneasy with your own food choices? However absurd we find the binary of good/bad and healthy/unhealthy it can still impact how we think and feel about food, health and our bodies.

Yet it can be hard to find spaces to have conversations where personal wellbeing and collective liberation are both on the menu. If you are interested in exploring the logic that underpins nutrition confusion, food guilt, and body shame and building an alternative grounded in inter-connection and equity please join us!


About the facilitator

Lou Aphramor is a radical dietitian and poet. Their work is informed by scholarship from food justice and fat liberation, plus many years professional experience with marginalised groups, and their own struggles with conflicted eating, gender dysphoria and gut problems. They are co-director of the Trans Nutrition Academy and co-founder of World Critical Dietetics and hold a research post at the Centre for Agroecology, Water and Resilience at Coventry University focusing on gender, power and the right to food."


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Who we Are

The Herefordshire Food Charter is an initiative of the Herefordshire Food Alliance, a network of individuals and organisations from across the county involved in local, community and sustainable food action.

The Alliance is a member of the national Sustainable Food Places network and is co-ordinated by New Leaf Sustainable Development with support from Herefordshire Council and Sustainable Food Places.

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