Herefordshire Food Charter. Healthy food for people, place and planet

ledbury celebLedbury Food Group are planning another day of celebration of great local food in July - if you would like the Food Alliance to showcase you, or a producer you know, please get in touch!  Let's get the word out about how much good food there is and how buying food food direct can have a real impact on our rivers, nature and our own health!


Every Thursday, Saturday and Sunday in Ledbury is an opportunity to Eat Together at Ledbury Community Hub- more below.

"Part of the joy of food is in sharing it with others, which is why we are hosting community meals on our opening days (Thursday, Saturday & Sunday) at 12.30PM. The meals will be open to all and will be a chance to meet others in the local area, while enjoying a nutritious and affordable lunch. All food will be served on a 'pay what you want' basis.

What do we mean by 'pay what you want' - this is a voluntary contribution for the meal based on how much you can afford. It is open to all payment structures that will range from £0 upwards. If you can afford to support us with a large contribution, then we can afford to support those that can't. If you can't, then that's ok! As with all community initiatives, we are as reliant on you as you are reliant on us.

If you would like to volunteer your time to help run our 'eat together' sessions, please This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">get in touch! If you are short on time but would like to contribute you can donate here. We are so grateful for all the local support we receive, and any contribution to the hub, big or small!

We will also be open for tea, coffee & cake throughout our opening hours (Thursday, Saturday & Sunday: 10.30AM - 2.30PM)






Who we Are

The Herefordshire Food Charter is an initiative of the Herefordshire Food Alliance, a network of individuals and organisations from across the county involved in local, community and sustainable food action.

The Alliance is a member of the national Sustainable Food Places network and is co-ordinated by New Leaf Sustainable Development with support from Herefordshire Council and Sustainable Food Places.

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