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325513920 1521690904903134 8285315772473033394 nLocal groups are coming together to raise awareness and put pressure on Tesco this weekend (14th Jan) - the superstore is contravening its own environmental policy.   Details of the action are below.

Studies have shown that there needs to be a massive 80% reduction in poultry manure in the Wye catchment to protect the river, damaged by high phosphate levels resulting from excrement produced by intensive chicken farming.

River Action believes Tesco holds the key to saving the River Wye from irreparable ecological deterioration and have been calling for urgently raised standards for months. 

This week also, the Welsh Government have been considering 'calling in' (which may mean halting) a planning application for a 100,000 bird industrial poultry unit in Powys.   This comes after the Welsh environment agency, Natural Resources Wales recently accepted publicly that poultry manuer harms rivers in the Wye area.

dear tesco manager

“Tesco’s chicken is killing the Wye - Come along this Saturday 14 January 2023, from 11-2pm, Tesco’s store in Bewell Street (Hereford City Centre).

Postcards will be handed out to shoppers as part of the ongoing campaign to raise awareness of the disastrous effect that Tesco’s chicken supply-chain is having upon the River Wye.  The postcards identify Tesco’s failure to live up to its environmental promises and give shoppers an opportunity to sign and hand them in to the store to encourage Tesco to take action over the failures in its supply chain that are killing the River Wye.

“The truth is that cheap chicken ain’t cheap; it is costing the people of Herefordshire and beyond enormous environmental damage, as well as threatening our tourism and leisure industries. It is simply unacceptable that Tesco should continue to profit from this, whilst claiming to be environmentally friendly “ says a spokesperson for the group.

To be involved with the local action contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

Sign the Food Charter - build our voice for a change here in Herefordshire.  Realistic options for farmers, a great local economy for sustainably produced food and strong campaigns to support ecology are all more possible with a strong voice. 


Who we Are

The Herefordshire Food Charter is an initiative of the Herefordshire Food Alliance, a network of individuals and organisations from across the county involved in local, community and sustainable food action.

The Alliance is a member of the national Sustainable Food Places network and is co-ordinated by New Leaf Sustainable Development with support from Herefordshire Council and Sustainable Food Places.

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