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hdrHereford Food Bank have been an active and supportive member of the Food Alliance since our start.

Here's a bit more about them, what they're up to right now, and how you can help.

In 2023  they provided nearly 100,000 meals.  Much of this is in 7-day food packs, incorporating a range of food.

They have recently started using the 'Bank the Food' app which has really helped the issues of having mountains of one thing, and not enough of another. They would absolutely recommend it to others!

They've also recently been doing 'food drives' at supermarkets, with volunteer ambassadors to make the food bank visible, human and stigma-free and to highlight what's needed in a more flexible way.

Connections with ultra-local produce have grown, linking more with allotments / grow-your-own, but they'd love to get more of this produce processed in a more useable way. The same with much fresh produce they recieve.

They say:

"Last summer we were fortunate to recieve lots of frresh vegetable from allotments.  Whilst we do include fresh veg in parcels we were concerned that people might not have the cooking facilities or additional ingredients to use the food.  We have now purchased an industrial freezer so that we can soup  or casserole the veg and freeze it. Not only would this minimise waste, it would enable us to provide ready prepared nutrional food for parcel recipents.  However, as we are a food warehouse and do not have the facility to cook on site we are looking to link with a local college catering students. "

For this reason, the Food Alliance is supporting with ways we can include this in our food processing work. See below to help!

To support the Food Bank:
Download the Bank the Food app
Get in touch with them to help in one of their Supermarket drives
Email the Food Alliance if you'd like to help organise, or cook, for a surplus-produce project for the Food Bank and others.  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

If you're a surplus / support food project in Herefordshire, you're welcome to Food Alliance meetings, plus there are groups conencting all food banks and a whatsapp for bulk surplus.  Please get in touch if you would like us to spotlight your project here in our blog. 


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Who we Are

The Herefordshire Food Charter is an initiative of the Herefordshire Food Alliance, a network of individuals and organisations from across the county involved in local, community and sustainable food action.

The Alliance is a member of the national Sustainable Food Places network and is co-ordinated by New Leaf Sustainable Development with support from Herefordshire Council and Sustainable Food Places.

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